If you have been following the news about PinPioneer¬†– the new Pinterest Marketing application we have been developing, you’ll know that in the last few days it’s made quite a splash in the business community. In fact, that’s putting it lightly. Here are the first numbers:

Total users: 174
Total pins uploaded by users: 32,730
New followers on personal Pinterest account: 421
2,050% ROI from launch.

It’s not enough to get the papers talking, but if all goes to plan and our upcoming updates are a hit, we expect these numbers to rise.

Lesson learned: Find a sub-niche of  a larger niche (i.e. social media), remove all the bells and whistles and create something that actually performs as it says on the box.

Updated stats

Total users (as of May 2013): 2142
Total pins uploaded by users: 473,255

Keep it tight,

We are always interested in joint ventures and partnerships, so if you have an idea or a product that may be of interest. Let us know!