It’s that time of the year where we start making plans for a new application release. Following in the successful footsteps of the last five programs we built, including the ever popular PinPioneer and TumbleForce (for a full list see here), we knew we had to make something even better.

Well.. as technology progresses, our team widens and our perspectives on good marketing change so do the software development opportunities that arise. In the news today, StumbleUpon – a network of 30+ million users based around the sharing or ‘stumbling’ of good content. When StumbleUpon launched in 2005 it was a marketer’s dream. You could submit one of your pages, like it a couple of times and get 300+ visitors overnight. As the years went by this instant gratification factor went down, but the user base remained. ┬áNow we are developing a completely automated system that puts the power of StumbleUpon back in your hands and gives you access to a huge database of targeted users dying to see your content.

That’s all for now,

P.S – Click the screenshot above. It is a sneak peak of following module of only the ‘lite’ version of the app. Multi-threaded, automatic searching, at speeds of 1-2 follows/unfollows per second.