Software Syndicate was  originally founded under a different name in 2007 by Eric Azizian. Since its inception the company has moved its headquarters to Sydney, Australia and altered its business model.

No longer just specializing in software development, Software Syndicate now offers a range of services from digital marketing to search engine optimization, business development and eCommerce consultancy.

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The motivation behind Software Syndicate:

“Over the years I have worked with countless applications and many more services in search of something efficient. Whether it’s a software program or an informational product, there never seemed to be something that could personally be crafted for me and the promotional ideas I had. So, eventually I made the choice to take whatever skills I did have and start developing my own products for both personal and public use. Slowly but surely, the products released started seeing an increase in demand and from then on in we knew what to do…”

And there you have the genesis of Software Syndicate (in a nutshell, of course).

The company now employs ten part time and full time workers who help with everything from software development to damage control for clients, online marketing and more. On average one new developer is picked up every couple of months. Contact us if you think you would be suited for a job with Software Syndicate.